Ingenious Ten-Year-Old Creates 'Menurkey' for Thanksgivukkah

Ten-year-old Asher Weintraub with a menurkey, his Thanksgivukkah invention.

Most sibling fights end in punishment-unless you're Asher Weintraub, a savvy 10-year-old from New York City who came up with the idea for his wildly popular menurkey during an argument with his brother.

"My brother and I were fighting, and my mom and dad wanted to change the subject," Asher said. "My mom was looking at her calendar, and she saw that Hanukkah and Thanksgiving were on the same day this year, so she told us, and it just came into my head."

"It" being the menurkey, or a menorah shaped like a turkey, with candles sticking out of the splayed feathers, which Asher has since designed, funded on Kickstarter and sold to thousands of people since its humble conception.

Drawing on his knowledge of 3D printing after taking classes last year, Asher approached his parents, Anthony Weintraub and Caroline Baron, with the idea for a design.

"It was kind of a light bulb thing. We looked at each other and thought it was pretty cool," Weintraub said. "We try to teach our kids that an idea is just an idea until you really pursue it and see if it has any real depth to it and is sort of sticky. It went on from there."

Asher had his sketch printed, and after his father introduced him to Kickstarter, he used the crowdsourcing fundraising platform to get the menurkey into production. Initially setting the goal at $25,000, the menurkey surpassed that in 10 days and nearly doubled the final amount raised by the page's end.

"It's kind of beyond what I ever imagined," Weintraub said. "I think that all these factors lead you to be interested. The humor of the object plays a big role in it, as well as the kid-made part of this."

Asher plans to donate part of the proceeds to charity, and with his portion, he hopes for his own 3D printer.

"I have other ideas," Asher said. "But I'm not telling anyone yet."