Taste Testing Lay's New Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips

Lay's Wavy Original Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate is available for a limited time in 2013.

It's a certain kind of excitement when you email the entire ABCNews.com staff that there are not-yet-available-in-stores chocolate-covered potato chips available on the sweets desk. Lay's new Wavy Original Potato Chips Dipped in Milk Chocolate have already caused a furor online, and the buzz clearly translated to real life as people rushed over to get a sample.

"That's magical," one taster said. "It's like a chocolate pretzel, but worse for you, and therefore more delicious."

Another agreed, but thought that a definite "potato-ey-ness" shone through.

The chips are the classic thick and textured Lay's wavy crisps, with one side featuring a thick layer of sweet and smooth milk chocolate.

Left: Promotional photo from Frito-Lay; Right: ABC News photo from taste test.

"I like that there's one side that's naked," someone mused. "It's a quite a lot of chocolate. Less might be better-but that's not a real problem."

Another disagreed, thinking it was the right amount of chocolate. "They're not as visually cool as the ones you get at a state fair because they're not fully covered on all sides, but I like the taste better because it's not too much chocolate. So you get the perfect salt and chocolate balance," she said.

The five-ounce bag retails for $3.49 and is suggested as five servings, meaning one ounce of these chips will set you back 160 calories. Most tasters said they would buy the snack, but a few decided it was something they would try to make at home, instead.

"I would buy them if they came in dark chocolate," one snacker said, while reaching for more. "It's a great combo of salty, sweet and crunchy. That's the key third component."

The limited edition treat is available at Target stores nationwide starting this week, and if you want to taste, you better hurry-this decadent snack is only available during the holiday season.