This Woman's Name is Happy Thanksgiving-Really.

Chris Polydoroff/St. Paul Pioneer Press/AP Photo

It's safe to say no one has ever forgotten this woman's name, or her birthday.

During the month of November, Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds, a family physician from Minneapolis, hears her name being shouted everywhere she goes.

She's used to it, and even embraces the holiday-themed moniker given to her by her parents when she was born on Thanksgiving in 1970.

"My parents were hippies, but if you wanted to categorize them in hippie-land, they weren't Hollywood drug hippies," Reynolds, 43, explained to Rather, she says, "They were the move to a small town in Minnesota type, starting a co-op and a small school, and starting the whole organic food movement."

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In true hippie fashion, Reynolds' parents did not want to choose her name beforehand, but instead believed, "She'll pick her name by when she's born."

"They were just like 'Hey, she's a thanks and a giving from God on Thanksgiving morning," Reynolds said.

The name "Snow" was also a contender because that day was the first snowfall of the year in St. Paul.

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Despite the quirkiness and constant questioning surrounding a name like Happy Thanksgiving, Reynolds maintains a positive attitude about it all.

"It's been awesome," she said. "I've lived all over the country and it's been incredibly great because I'll go places and people will be like, 'Hey, my friend knows you.' The name has been its own intrinsic social networker, which is totally awesome."

The name itself has even gotten Reynolds job interviews, simply because employers are curious to meet the person whose real name is Happy Thanksgiving.

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Even in the career of medicine, Reynolds says the name has bode well for her, acting as an ice breaker with her patients.

"In so much of family medicine, we wind up being the holders of people's private moments, both good and bad," she explained. "In an accidental way, the name is so out there, it almost allows people to break that layer and say, 'I can trust you.' And it's lovely."

And even now, 43 years later, Reynolds' parents have no regrets about their daughter's festive name choice.

"She seems to be enjoying it," her father, Kelly Reynolds, said.