Beluga Whale Smiles for the Camera in Perfectly Timed Wedding Day Photobomb

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This bride wasn't the only one wearing white on her big day.

Juno, an 11-year-old beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Conn., perfectly timed this snapshot behind newlyweds Amanda and Patrick Leigh, creating one of the most incredible photobombs in wedding day history.

"That was just a lucky photo," Amanda Leigh, 27, of West Haven, Conn., told "We were down in front of the aquarium taking pictures. We paused to fix the dress and the whale happened to come over. My husband and I looked behind us and he was right there, like, 'Hello.'"

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The happy couple, who are self-proclaimed animal lovers, didn't plan the whale's amazingly executed photobomb, but sure are glad he was in the right place at the right time to capture his smile on camera.

"We never in a million years thought this would be anything," she explained. "But we used it as our Christmas card and everyone loves it."

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Juno apparently loves the attention and was swimming around behind the couple the entire time they were taking their photos.

"He was really showing off for the crowd," said Leigh. "He's amazing."

When asked how the newlyweds could ever top this photo for their Christmas cards next year, Leigh replied, "I have already told everyone I have no idea what we're going to do."

Or, she added, referring to the whale, "We're going to have to go find him."