Leggings With 24-Karat Gold Claim Cellulite Reduction, Anti-Aging

(Image Credit: Proskins)

Would you pay $200 for a pair of leggings? How about if those leggings claimed to reduce cellulite? And had 24-karat gold woven into the yarn? Suddenly, $200 for a pair of leggings doesn't seem so pricey after all.

The so-called gold, anti-aging leggings are available from Proskins, a British company that makes high-end fitness apparel. The leggings themselves aren't gold, but black.

According to the Web site, the compression leggings use gold "nanoparticles," a "revolutionary new anti-aging beauty treatment" that "reduces the appearance of aging, skin cells increase Hyaluronic Acid production and therefore, the skin gets moisturized, avoids wrinkles and recovers its youth and elasticity."

The leggings are selling so well that they are out of stock but available through a 14-day pre-order. So, sorry, you won't be getting your leggings in time for holiday parties.

The leggings are part of a 24-karat-gold, anti-aging collection that also includes gloves and a mask.