See This Single Guy's Hilarious Response to His Friends' Engagement Photos

Courtesy Adam Malone

Whenever Adam Malone signs onto Facebook, he sees what most 20-something Facebook users see: a steady stream of engagement photos from his decidedly non-single friends..

What the single Minneapolis resident did in response is not so usual. Malone, a software developer, arranged for an engagement photo shoot with his beloved…ladder.

"I've known the ladder for quite some time," Malone told "We used to work together in my friend's painting business and we always had a lot of fun with the other painting equipment."

"I just wanted to share the magical thing that the ladder and I had together," Malone said, without cracking his façade.

Malone, 29, said the photo shoot was prompted both by the influx of engagement photos from his friends, and the fact that the ladder had been lost, he thought for good, before being found by a friend.

"Once I got the ladder back I felt that was just the perfect thing to do, to make a series of engagement photos and post them on Facebook," he said.

The cheeky photos of Malone and his ladder- shot in classic, dramatic engagement photo style with poses ranging from embracing to laying down with their "heads" together to holding "hands" - were posted by Malone last month on Facebook along with an announcement.

"Big News!!! Thanks to everyone for being so supportive, and Laura VanderMolen for the super fun and efficient photo shoot!," Malone wrote on his Facebook page.

Malone evidently keeps company with friends as funny as he is because, along with the nearly 70 likes the photos received, were comments that played right on the photo.

"This relationship will let you both reach new heights!," wrote Dash Leander.

"You're stepping up in the world…," wrote Sarah Forsberg.

And, perhaps the best came from Malone's friend Chad Pereira.

"This is either really sad or really…awesome," he wrote. "I think it's the ladder."

Malone says he and his ladder have not received any engagement gifts, "yet," he adds, nor have any of his engaged friends taken offense at his humorous take on their serious photos.

"I didn't get any specific reactions from any humans who are engaged to other humans," Malone said.