Tips for Organizing Your Space in 2014

The New Year is almost here and if you're like most people, you're thinking about how to be better organized to meet it. While many might be thinking about getting their financial house in order, others just want to organize their house.

If you're among that group, you're in luck. Celebrity organizer Justin Klosky appeared on " Good Morning America" today to share his top tips for getting your space free of clutter.

Klosky also identified organizational mistakes people make and gave solutions.

Klosky's Advice

"Start with a plan and attack it a little bit at a time. I wrote "Organize & Create Discipline: An A-to-Z Guide to an Organized Existence" so you can tackle one area of your life at a time without feeling overwhelmed by an entire space. If you focus on what you truly need in your life, make space for those things, and keep the distractions and unnecessary items out, you will have more time, energy and freedom to welcome things you truly love in. Work with your family or loved ones to set rules and disciplines so the organization you create doesn't fall apart. Organization can be fun and rewarding if you stay focused and accountable."

Five Organizational Tips

1. Don't buy organizational supplies until you know what you're organizing.

2. Purge broken, unneeded or unwanted items and make a list of what must be replaced.

3. Stop holding on to the "what ifs" and the "one days." Give to others who can truly use it, instead of letting it take up precious space in your already filled life.

4. When you are renovating a space, plan each area's purpose and organize it accordingly. Don't design or create any space until you know its true use.

5. If you're bringing anything into your space, make sure it has a place. You don't want things piling up and taking over your life just because you didn't have the willpower to say no.