Adorable Girls Sing Hit 'Frozen' Song

The animated Disney musical "Frozen" has dominated the box office since its November release and picked up quite a few fans in the process.

None may be as cute, however, as Maddie and Zoe Mendez, 4-year-old twins from Los Angeles whose rendition of the movie's hit song, "Let It Go," has gone viral.

The video was posted by their father, Aaron Mendez, a filmmaker, on Viemo last week.

Calling himself a "proud papa," Mendez writes, "I'm sure they'll hate me for this video someday…"

There's nothing to hate about the adorable way Maddie and Zoe sing the song while wearing headphones the size of their own heads and singing into recording-studio-like microphones.

"We saw the movie in the theater a few weeks ago and then my wife bought the album and we've been listening to it ever since," Mendez told "The words are just their interpretation of what they're hearing from the lyrics."

One of the girls wears a Disney princess gown while the other, presumably having sung this song many times before, sneaks in a yawn during one of her solos.

"It's totally ok if this video makes you yawn," Mendez jokes in the video description.

"Frozen," which tells the tale of a girl, Anna, in a race to find her sister, Elsa, in wintry, Everest-like conditions, has grossed an estimated $655.2M worldwide as of this week, according to Deadline.

"I think it was a perfect storm, literally, of the movie's success and the freezing temperatures around the country," Mendez said of his daughters' viral video, which he originally posted on Facebook for friends and family.

"I think people relate it to it because they're four-year-old girls being girls," he said. "They're not trying to show off, they're just passionate about the song."

The movie is produced by the Walt Disney, Co., which is a parent company of ABC News.