'Sky Whale' Future of Flight?

AWWA-VA Sky Whale plane concept illustration by Oscar Vinals. To view more images, visit www.behance.net/gallery/AWWA-Sky-Whale-Concept-Plane. (Oscar Vinals)

Could a three-decker plane resembling a whale be the future of commercial flight?

The so-called "sky whale" plane is a concept by Spanish designer Oscar Vinals and claims to be the future of green aircraft designs. According to behance.net, the sky whale could further environmentally friendly air travel by reducing fuel consumption, reduce oxides of nitrogen emissions of the engine and reduce noise.

The sky whale concept includes seating capacity 755 passengers on three floors. The top floor - or first class - would have sky views & other luxuries. The middle floor would be business class and have sky views in the front and rear of the aircraft. The lowest floor would, of course, be coach class.

The plane would be an Airbus 380-900 and measure in at 77 meters, or about 263 feet long. An Airbus 380-800 is 76 meters long.