World's First Burrito Vending Machine Opens in LA

An automated, full-service burrito vending machine is now operating out of a 24-hour Mobil gas station in West Hollywood, Calif.

The Burrito Box - which claims on its website to be the first of its kind in the world - is similar in appearance to a RedBox, and dispenses ready-to-eat burritos faster than most brick-and-mortar stores can claim.

"It was quick, it's tasty, it's cheap," patron Billy Hamilton told ABC Los Angeles affiliate KABC. "I'll be back," Hamilton added.

Made by The Box Brands Inc., the machine steams pre-made burritos in around one minute once an order is placed. No customization is allowed - but choices include the chorizo sausage, egg and cheese burrito for breakfast, lunch in the form of a shredded beef and cheese burrito - and a vegetarian option with roasted potato, egg and cheese.

Sides include guacamole, sour cream and hot sauce. The box boasts burritos that are 100 percent natural with no hormones or antibiotics. Each option costs $3.

After selecting your food and paying by credit card, Burrito Box plays a music video while your burrito heats up.

A second location is opening later this month in the Century City neighborhood of L.A.

Credit: BurritoBoxOfficial/Instagram