Delta Air Lines' Breast Feeding Tweets Ignite Social Media Firestorm

A woman who was told over Twitter she must cover up while breastfeeding on her upcoming flight has ignited a social-media firestorm.

Lindsay Jaynes, who used the Twitter handle @ClassicHippie, tweeted @DeltaAssist ahead of her six-hour flight last week. She wanted to know the airline's breastfeeding policy, as her 10-week-old son needs to eat every two hours and will not feed from a bottle or breastfeed under a cover.

And then Twitter exploded.

Everyday people and breastfeeding advocates jumped in, demanding an apology and clarification from the airline. Soon after, the main airline Twitter account @Delta, stepped in

"Delta welcomes breastfeeding mothers and babies on our flights. We sincerely apologize for the misinformation."

And while the response from the Twitter-verse was overwhelmingly in support of Jaynes' uncovered breastfeeding, there were some who felt strongly she should indeed cover up.

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Delta isn't the only airline that's come under a social media firestorm when it comes to breastfeeding moms. In August, an American Airlines passenger said a flight attendant displayed "inappropriate, harassment-style behavior" when the passenger declined to cover her breastfeeding child with a blanket.

Neither Jaynes nor Delta Air Lines responded to ABC News' request for comment.

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