Google Doodle Shares Sweet Stories for Valentine's Day

Google users woke up to a sweet Valentine's treat this morning with the home page's animated daily "Doodle" displaying clickable audio love stories in the shape of candy hearts.

The search engine giant paired up with radio show "This American Life" to bring a selection of six anecdotes for their animated page, designed to melt the hearts of even the toughest Valentine's Day critics.

Google's Valentine's Day doodle with a player for love stories, Feb. 14, 2014. Credit: Google

Each of the colored candies clicks through to a short real-life stories titled "Crush;" "Mr. Right;" "First Kiss;" "4Ever Yours;" "Puppy Luv;" and "Blind Date."

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In "Mr Right," a woman recounts the painful doubts she had the day after she got married 42 years ago. After walking alone all day to "clear her head," the woman returned home to a worried husband, and quickly realized he was a good man. "Since then, I have never questioned," she said.

"First Kiss" is the humorous recollection of two friends who had been "madly obsessed with each other" for a long time. One day, engaged in a magical moment as they leaned against their cars, they were "destined to have their first kiss but missed it," the woman said.

In "4Ever Yours," a man dealing with the crushing realization that one day all the exhilaration he felt after marrying his husband, David, will "end someday."

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"One of us will die and then the other will die and it will be over," David countered, "but we have now."

Jennifer Hom an illustrator with the Google Doodle team said the idea first came when "This American Life" host Ira Glass came into the office and offered to collaborate for the Feb. 14 Doodle.

Glass and his team submitted archived audio tape and recorded a few new stories for the project. The Google Doodlers then drew up accompanying illustrations for the site, Hom said.