Food Truck Responds to One-Star Yelp Review by Singing Sorry

Amy Black could have just stopped with just a comment response, as restaurateurs are able to do, to the first negative Yelp review of her food truck in a year and a half. "Wholy [sic] waste of $30," Yelper Vero P. wrote, "and an hour to get my food."

Instead, Black teamed up with her musician friends Sage and Jared to create an original song to address Vero P.'s one-star dismissal of The Supper Truck in Albuquerque, N.M.

"I tried to reach out to this customer on Yelp and wrote her a letter probably six or seven months ago, and I never heard anything back, which was a bummer," Black said. "So I was just thinking, 'How can I win this person back?' And we try to be creative and have fun."

What resulted is the above video, with light-hearted lyrics such as, "You came in for supper on a really busy night and we didn't do things quite right. So we wrote you a letter to tell you we'd do better. … Take back your one-star review. Vero P., can't you see how much we love you?"

Despite the repeated and increasingly public attempts at reconciliation, Black has yet to hear from the reviewer.