Meet NYC's Top Girl Scout Cookie Sellers

Najah Lorde, left, and Olivia Cranshaw, right, are the top two Girl Scouts cookie sellers in New York City.

Top cookie seller is a coveted title and one New York City's Girl Scouts battle for year after year. Two Scouts in particular, Najah Lorde and Olivia Cranshaw, both 12, have been in the top two spots for the past two years.

Last Year, Cranshaw nabbed the top spot. This year, Lorde used her parents' connections at work and church to edge out the competition.

Lorde managed to sell 2,833 boxes - a whopping 692 more than Cranshaw. Despite the matchup, the two girls remain friends.

"I thought she was really nice and put the time into it which is good," Cranshaw said. "She deserved to be number one. I wish I made the top spot, but second's good, too."

Lorde, who took the top spot by selling at school, her parents' offices and church, couldn't be happier about the win.

"I was running all over the house screaming and jumping up and down," she said.

Katie Soper, director of product sales for the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, said the girls both exemplify the best of Girl Scouts selling strategies.

"The five goals of cookie selling are goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics," she said. "I think Najah and Olivia both exemplify those qualities."