Wife of Father-Daughter Purity Ball Founder Offers Glimpse into Purity Lifestyle

Lisa Wilson and her family were recent subjects of a "Nightline Prime" special about families who believe in the Christian purity lifestyle and allowed our cameras to film a father-daughter purity ball - sacred ceremonies where fathers vow "to protect their daughters in their choices for purity." When girls promise to commit to a pure life, usually around age 13, it means they are saving themselves for marriage. They don't date and often don't experience their first kiss until their wedding day. In this lifestyle, men have the authority in the household and are as seen as "protectors," while women believe their role is to be "nurturers."

Many people responded to our report, asking what the mothers and wives in the families featured in our piece thought and felt about living the purity lifestyle, so we asked one of the subjects to share her views.

Below, Wilson, who has four daughters and whose husband, Randy Wilson, founded the first father-daughter purity ball, reflects on the significance of purity balls, and what they mean to her and her family.

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From left to right, Kameryn Wilson, mother Lisa Wilson, Kaalyn Wilson and Jordyn Wilson. Credit: Victoria Thompson/ABC

I am Lisa Wilson and my husband founded the father-daughter purity ball.

This is an extravagant event where fathers bring their daughters to give them an evening that shows how cherished and valuable they are. It is very regal evening with men in tuxedos, girls in ball gowns, and crowned with a sitdown dinner, ballroom dancing and ballet program that celebrates God, fathers and daughters through dance.

Fathers stand and sign a covenant to be men of honor and integrity in their own lives, and model to their daughters how men should treat them. They promise to protect them, as they live this out themselves. The Purity Ball is a celebration of the dignity and beauty of our daughters, and celebration of fathers who want to be that example for them.

The culture seems only to paint dads as men who abandon or abuse or men are just mocked in the father role. These are incredible dads who give everything they can day in and day out to love their daughters and families well. Sometimes dads come who just want to start over with their daughters, and be there for them when they haven't been before.

As a mom, my role is to give the day to day direction, and teach my daughter how priceless she is, how significant her strength and gifting is, and to encourage her to be all she is created to be. That she is worthy of being treated with dignity at every season of her life.

Purity is full strength, wholeness in every part of a woman's being, heart, soul, body, and mind. It's integrity for both men and women. It's important because it honors God and everyone else. It's a way of life, because it makes me even more responsible with my choices, words and the way I live.

This is the Wilson story. We certainly do not expect anyone else to live this out exactly like we do. This is just what God has shown us and our family.

Watch our report on "Nightline," TONIGHT at 12:35 a.m. ET.