Woman Feels 'Wonderful' After 10-Years-Younger Makeover on 'GMA'

Glynette Ford has two daughters, a job she loves as a third-grade teacher and a happy marriage.

Even with those blessings, however, Ford says she still loses sleep at night because of how she looks, or, rather, how old she believes she looks.

"I was at a movie theater and I received a senior citizen discount," the 45-year-old Kilgore, Texas, woman told " Good Morning America. "And as I've went places around town, they thought that I was my daughter's grandmother."

Ford has even had strangers ask whether she is her mother's mother.

"It's very disheartening," Ford said. "And you just don't really know how to fix it yourself. I mean, you think about it and you go to the dermatologist and stuff, and you just don't get good answers of how to fix it.

"Getting to look 10 years younger, for me, would give me a lot of self-confidence, and happiness."

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Ford's dreams became reality today on "GMA" as a panel of beauty experts, makeup artist-to-the-stars Bobbi Brown, style guru Gretta Monahan, hair stylist Angelo David and dentist Dr. Nancy Rosen helped her knock 10 years off her appearance.

"She looks really good," Ford's daughter, Kailey, said after seeing her mom's new look revealed for the first time.

"For dry skin, moisturizer is amazing," Brown said of one of the first steps she took to help Ford accomplish her goal of simply wanting to look better. "A foundation evens out your skin. And an eyeliner really brings out her eyes. And blush on her cheeks gives her a pop."

Ford's hair also got some added length and a boost of color to bring out her best features.

"Golden highlights to compliment her skin," David said of the coloring he chose. "Add some extensions for length and body. We worked with this bang she had to highlight her eyes."

Monahan outfitted Ford in a classically-shaped Sheath dress with blue and black color blocking to highlight her figure. "The blocking is placed in areas that accentuate Glynette's silhouette and shows off her tiny waist," Monahan said, noting that color blocking is a big trend for spring. "The neckline is opened up with the perforated detailing on top which is sexy yet modest."

As for accessories, the style guru went with bold statement pieces since "playing it too safe is an instant ager," she noted. "We chose this cage shoe so Glynette would feel more secure, almost like she was wearing a boot. If you're not into heels, try a slim sleek wedge or a chic flat," Monahan said.

Lastly, Rosen explained how a little teeth-whitening can go a long way.

"She's beautiful to begin with but her teeth needed a little whitening," the dentist said. "We lightened her teeth at least three shades and she looks 10 years younger."

As for how the mother of two feels about her new look, "Wonderful," Ford said.