Americans Not Using All Their Vacation Time, Survey Shows

(Getty Images)

Looks like Americans have no room to complain about the amount of vacation time they get.

A new survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Glassdoor shows the average American worker doesn't use nearly all of her vacation days.

American workers who receive time off from work were questioned about how much vacation time they've taken in the past 12 months and if they've worked during their time off, according to the survey.

The conclusions of the study indicate that the average employee in America has taken only 51 percent of her time off in the past year and that 61 percent of those vacation-takers spend a little bit of their paid leave doing work.

There are many reasons stated in the assessment for why the employees feel it is necessary for them to work while on vacation, but that doesn't mean any of them are good enough for any of the workers' companions. One in 10 of the surveyed vacationing employees report that a family member has complained about it.

"It's clear the word vacation among employers and employees doesn't mean what it did in the past," said Rusty Rueff, Glassdoor career and workplace expert. "Before technology allowed us to be connected 24/7, we were more likely to have actually 'vacated' our work for a couple of weeks a year, but now, it appears one full day away is a luxury."