Chicago Restaurant Feeding $100 Grilled Cheese to Gimmick-Hungry Guests

(Photo courtesy the Four Seasons)

Well, more like to one guest. That's how many people have so far ordered the "Zillion Dollar Grilled Cheese" now being served at deca restaurant at The Ritz Carlton Chicago for $100. If that price offends you, take heart that it comes with lobster mac and cheese and a gold leaf on top to sweeten the deal.

"I wanted over the top," deca executive sous chef Jon Hudak said. "It started off OK with grilled cheese. And then it went viral in my mind."

Blame Hudak for the sandwich, which has thinly sliced black Iberico ham, 40-year aged Wisconsin cheddar infused with 24-carat gold leaf flakes, Ellis Family Farms heirloom tomatoes, 100-year-old aged balsamic vinegar and Oregon Perigord white truffle aioli inside sourdough bread with shaved black truffles, Hudson Valley foie gras and a sunny side up duck egg on top. Oh yeah, plus that gold leaf.

If you're questioning how that adds up to $100, you would be right.

"The overall value when costed is $60 to make," Hudak said. "So we're doing it just to be outrageous. Why? Cause we can. We're the Four Seasons. Might as well go as big as we can."