KFC Bringing Back the Popular 'Double Down'

(Photo Credit: Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

This is not a drill: KFC plans to bring back its infamous Double Down starting April 21, reports USA Today. In case you forgot what this glorious creation includes, it's a bunless "sandwich" that uses breaded and fried chicken breasts instead of bread, which enclose melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheeses, two slices of bacon and the Colonel's sauce.

"The Double Down launched originally in April 2010. It was a huge hit with fans, with more than 10 million sold in the first month, so it stayed on the menu past its original late May 2010 promotion-end date," the company told Eater. "Many restaurants continued selling Double Downs throughout 2010. It has not been nationally promoted in four years."

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The company will reportedly be rolling out a media campaign for the official announcement called the "Double Down Dare." Stay tuned for details on that one.