U.K. Designer Adds Kick With Hydraulic Heels

Silvia Fado created the"Kinetic Traces" shoe line. (Elixabete Lopez and SilviaFado.com)

U.K. designer Silvia Fado decided she wanted to do something a little more exciting than your average heel for her recent collection - so the designer decided to create shoes using a dash of engineering.

Fado came up the idea for the special collection, which uses technology, engineering and a bit of hydraulics, to make walking in heels like walking on air.

Called "Kinetic Traces," the footwear collection features springs, rubber balls and pneumatic hydraulics all designed to absorb the impact of walking on sky high heels.

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Fado told ABC News that the futuristic looking heels may look impractical but were inspired by architecture and functional design.

"I [have] always been attracted for product design and architecture," Fado told ABC News in an email. "I started looking to functionality and movement during motion."

The shoes feature springs, pneumatic hydraulics and rubber balls. (Elixabete Lopez and SilviaFado.com)

Rather than looking at other heels for inspiration, Fado focused on sports footwear and how a pair of sneakers absorbs the heavy impact of a runner on pavement. Working with an architect and an engineer, Fado was able to construct fantastical footwear that is still comfortable.

The shoes have "shock absorbers" to protect tired feet. (Elixabete Lopez and SilviaFado.com)

"I thought to bring this idea into fashion footwear and see the benefits when applying into high heels," said Fado. "As the project is born as a concept the real benefits are still to be studied."

Currently, the shoes are in the prototype phase. But if you want to buy a pair of the shoes made from wood, leather and hydraulic components, Fado said a commercial line will be available by the end of the year.

A commercial line of the shoes will be available at the end of the year. (Elixabete Lopez and SilviaFado.com)