Kid Gets Away With Wearing Hilarious Knit Beard in His Yearbook Photo

Courtesy Sonja Yearsley

This kid is too cool for school.

When David Yearsley, 11, was taking his fifth-grade school photo, he'd thought he'd jazz things up a bit - with a knitted beard hat, no less.

"I had no idea he was going to do it," his mom, Sonja Yearsley, of West Richland, Washington, told ABC News. "It was all his idea."

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The family is apparently full of jokesters, however, as even the mother admits, "I've been pranking them since they were little."

But when Yearsley went to visit her son's school a few weeks after the yearbook photo was taken, she had no idea what a celebrity David had become with his creative, smirking photo tactic.

"I went into the school a couple weeks later and the lady at the front desk showed me his proof," she explained. "And I just about fell down laughing. Normally, the photographer would have a comb and brush to fix the kids up, but for whatever reason the stars were aligned and he got by with that beard and hat and that smirk on his face is great. The ladies in the front office even have his photo hung up for when they're having a bad day."

It's safe to say David has a daunting task trying to outdo himself for next year's class picture.