Lance Armstrong Takes the Million Moms Challenge

On the day of the official launch of the Million Moms Challenge, our team caught up with Lance Armstrong, seven-time winner of the Tour de France  — and something of an expert in starting a movement for change.

Armstrong and his LiveStrong Foundation have sold over 80 million LiveStrong wristbands worldwide to support people affected by cancer. The phenomenal success of his wristband as a fundraising tool spawned countless copycat efforts, and for a time it seemed as if no set of wrists in America was without at least one colorful bracelet stamped with a cause.

Armstrong is in New York this week for the UN General Assembly’s special session on non-communicable diseases (translation: diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart diseases).  Armstrong, a cancer survivor, puts his celebrity to good use as a “patient advocate”  to draw more attention and resources to fighting cancer.

When he learned about the Million Moms Challenge yesterday, Armstrong raised his hand and urged others to do the same. “Join the dad’s for a Million Moms movement,” he said. ”I did….everyone has a mom.”

“We can do a lot more,” Armstrong continued. “This country can do a lot more, we as individuals, we as parents can do a lot more.”

MMC considered wristbands a la LiveStrong for our campaign, but then we fell in love with MoJo, a Massachusetts-based company employing single moms to create and sell hand-stamped silver jewelry. Wear your support for the Million Moms Challenge with our signature necklace. More than half of the purchase price of the necklace will go to the Million Moms Fund.

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