President Obama’s Job Plan: New Details Unveiled

Tonight on World News we reported on new details of the president’s job plan that he is set to reveal next week – a plan that is critical to his re-election.

Today the White House told us it will be “new,” “significant,” and “detailed” and promises that President Obama’s highly touted speech includes a proposal for how the government will pay for these initiatives without adding to our debt. And ABC News has learned that Obama will take aim at three areas in hopes of helping the 14 million unemployed Americans.

  1. Tax Relief: President Obama will propose tax relief incentives for companies that create jobs and hire new workers.
  2. Infrastructure Investment: The president wants the government to invest in clean energy and new construction projects to build schools and transportation.
  3. Assistance for Long Term Unemployed: Obama wants to help those who have been out of work for six months or more, which adds up to about 6 million Americans. Specifically the president is looking at a program such as Georgia Works – which gives unemployed Americans eight weeks of training at a local company while allowing them to still collect their unemployment benefits. And it’s no cost to the participating company.

And as John Berman reported tonight, Georgia claims that the companies hired 24% of those workers while another 60% were hired elsewhere.

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George Stephanopoulos