A View from the Pentagon – 10 Years Later

As we wait for the Pentagon’s 9/11 Observance ceremony to begin, we are standing on the very hill where American Airlines flight 77 passed over and slammed into the Pentagon.

This location which houses a military gas station is the same spot where reporters gathered after evacuating the Pentagon.

It is a hill where people ran from the building.

But this morning we look down on a building better than new–a memorial now three years old with remembrance benches for the 184 victims killed on September 11, 2001.

184 benches arranged by age, the youngest was three year old Dana Falkenberg, the oldest was 71 year old Navy veteran John D. Yamnicky.  Both were passengers aboard AA#77.

The memorial overlooks the Pentagon where the employees inside have been to work every day since that day–not only back at work in a smoking building–but planning and waging two wars.


ABC’s Luis Martinez contributed to this report.