Chelsea Clinton Steps into the Spotlight

For many years, she was the curly-haired first daughter whose voice we never heard. Now Chelsea Clinton, 31, is all grown up. Married a  year ago in a glamorous wedding, the only child of the former president and current secretary of state, now 31, has largely avoided the spotlight.

But that seems to be changing.  Earlier this week, Clinton opened a Facebook fan page, and after just a couple days she already has several thousand “fans.”

And today she grabbed a mic at the Clinton Global Initiative and conducted a live interview with her mother. She spoke in a confident and relaxed voice as she questioned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and spoke out about issues of concern to her, especially global health, food and economic issues.

Despite her familiar face, the sound of her voice is still so unfamiliar to most Americans. Chelsea Clinton campaigned for her mother during the 2008 primary battle, but the press was  largely kept at bay.

But today at the CGI event, before a live audience and live Web-stream,  she conducted a serious discussion and even offered a few glimpses into the playful relationship she has with her powerful parents.

“As your daughter I remember when I helped you send you first text message,” Chelsea tweaked her mother as she asked her about the importance of technology in global affairs.

The secretary of state responded, “It wasn’t so long ago!”

“My father still refers to the Internet as the World Wide Web,” Chelsea Clinton added, drawing laughter from the audience.

She closed the event saying, “Thank you, Mom. I’m once again grateful that you’re my mom and my secretary of  state.”

Moments later, former President Bill Clinton stepped onto the stage and remarked, “Thank you. You can see why I don’t win many arguments at home.”