Chris Christie Still Considering Presidential Run


Ah, siblings.

A source close to Chris Christie says we should disregard what the New Jersey governor’s brother said about Christie’s plans (or lack thereof) for 2012.

Christie’s brother told a New Jersey newspaper the governor isn’t running for president. But this source tells ABC News Todd Christie’s comments “were a little out of turn.”

When it comes to Christie’s thinking on a presidential run, instead of listening to Christie’s brother, the source says we should look at what former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean had to say yesterday.

Kean, as you may recall, told National Review that the Christie speculation is “real” and that he is “very seriously considering” a run for president.

Yes, Christie is seriously considering running – even though he has repeatedly and emphatically said he is not running.

“As of this time, his public statements that he is not running still stand,” the source tells ABC News. “It is also accurate that he is thinking about it and reconsidering it.”

He hasn’t made a decision yet, but he knows that he has to decide soon – probably in the next week or two.