Dead Voters in NY-9? Turner Obtains Order Sealing Paper Ballots

Claiming a handful of deceased voters have been mailed absentee ballots for today’s special election, an attorney for Republican congressional candidate Bob Turner told ABC News that he has obtained a court order to seal all paper ballots in New York’s 9th Congressional District, pending judicial review.

“We found five dead people, confirmed, who were mailed absentee ballots,” said Turner’s attorney, Grant Lally. “Some of these people have been dead for years.”

Lally said he also knows of at least one person who came to the Turner campaign claiming he or she had been sent an absentee ballot, even though the voter had not filled out an application.

“They just got it in the mail from the Board of Elections,” Lally told ABC News two hours before the polls closed Tuesday in the tight race between Turner and Democratic state assemblyman David Weprin.

“Either it is a massive failure at the Board of Elections, or someone is fraudulently filing absentee applications,” Lally said, suggesting that the number of absentee ballots known to have been sent to deceased voters may just be “the tip of the iceberg.”

“This is an indication that there may be widespread voter fraud going on,” he said.

Calls and emails to Weprin’s campaign were not returned.