Jon Huntsman to Receive Endorsement from Tom Ridge

Jon Huntsman will receive an endorsement from former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge at Saint Anselm College this morning, New Hampshire’s Union Leader reports. The announcement will take place at the college’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics auditorium at 10:15a.m.

“I know Jon to be a serious, insightful leader who will bring together people from across the political spectrum to solve the many challenges we face, both at home and around the world,” Ridge said in a statement to the Union Leader. “He has the experience we need to rebuild our nation’s economic foundation and reduce our crushing debt.”

Huntsman had allegedly sought Ridge’s endorsement even before he confirmed that he was running for president. Two weeks before Huntsman’s official announcement, Roll Call reported that the pair had met and talked, and Ridge was excited about the idea of Huntsman’s candidacy.

That same week, Ridge told CNBC he is “partial to governors” in the presidential race, and that “governors have to solve problems; don’t just give speeches.”

“I think the added benefit to someone like Jon Huntsman — I’m intrigued by his candidacy, not really committed to any candidate yet — but that wealth of foreign policy experience, particularly as it relates to China, their geopolitical position, the economic position, the biggest challenge to the United States for the foreseeable future involves our relationship with China,” Ridge continued. “He’s a very intriguing candidate.”