Obama Tells NBC Country Is Safer than It Was 10 Years Ago

Reflecting on the 9/11 anniversary, President Obama told NBC News this morning that there is no doubt the United States is safer now that it was 10 years ago.

He said this is a consequence of more effective homeland security and the U.S. taking the fight to Al Qaeda.

The president warned that Americans must remain vigilant because there are still people who want to attack the U.S.

He also discussed the specific, credible but unconfirmed terror threat surrounding the 9/11 anniversary, saying this particular threat was so specific that he felt it necessary to inform state and local partners to prepare.

On Saturday the president visited the graves of U.S. service members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. NBC’s Brian Williams asked the president what he took away from the trip.

“It’s a reminder that our way of life is dependent on the incredible courage, the incredible patriotism of a whole host of people…” Obama said.

Obama added that he was struck by how young all the fallen heroes are.