Pro-Donald Trump Website Evolves Into 527 Group

ABC’s Michael Falcone and Jennifer Wlach report:

Donald Trump may have passed on a presidential bid for now, but his supporters intend to keep hope alive.

Trump’s top political operative, Michael Cohen, who founded the website, has morphed it into a so-called 527 group, which is allowed to raise money for political activities and issue advocacy.

Cohen says the purpose of the group is to continue to encourage Trump, who announced in May that he would not seek the Republican presidential nomination, to change his mind and run. Trump has been hinting he might jump into the race as an independent.

“Americans are tired of listening to the same, old promises election year after election year,” Cohen told ABC News. “Mr. Trump’s positions resonate with the American people because they are no-nonsense, straightforward and practical.”

Cohen, who is an executive vice president and special counsel at the Trump Organization, said the group will continue to promote the principles and issues that Trump espouses. And he predicted that it would “raise an enormous among of money right away.”

The new group, Should Trump Run, Inc., was filed on Thursday as a California non-profit by attorney Paul Jensen of Jensen and Associates and is headquartered in Orange County. Cohen said the group would “fully comply with all IRS rules and regulations.”

The plan is for the group to cultivate grassroots support among Trump’s supporters. The original ShouldTrumpRun site attracted over 1.5 million visitors.