Republicans Target Obama Attack Ads to Young People

Republicans are targeting young people, the heart of Barack Obama’s base, with a new television spot aimed at college students and broadcast during the programs they like most.

The ad  “ What’s Your Plan,” produced by the College Republicans National Committee and run in Iowa during reality shows, late night comedy programs and sportscasts,  uses the president’s own words to play on the fears of young people about to enter the workforce when unemployment is stubbornly high.

In the ad, a clip of the president saying “winning the future” plays repeatedly as a several young people look straight-lipped into the camera.

“Bro,” says one young man, “you’re LOSING my future.”

President Obama received 61 percent of the youth vote in 2008, but the CRNC believes the weak economy has opened the door for the GOP to target young people.

“The climate is prime and we are the organization best positioned to make an impact on the youth vote,” Alex Schriver, national chairman of the CRNC, told

Schriver said young people could be convinced to vote Republican because the “policies of the Obama administration disproportionately and in an adverse way affect young people.  We were sold on a message of hope and change, but now young people are without jobs and can’t afford to pay their bills.”

The ad cost $40,000 and appeared on cable news and broadcast channels in Ames, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Waterloo. The ad was also on ESPN and Comedy Central.

CRNC, which is an independent organization and no longer a part of the Republican National Committee,  has not endorsed a candidate.