Rick Perry’s Attendance at Debate Wednesday is “Fluid Situation”

Texas Governor Rick Perry said his appearance at the debate in California tomorrow is a “fluid situation” due to the wildfires in Texas but didn’t completely rule out his appearance, pointing to the ability of Texans to multitask.

“That’s a fluid situation at the moment,” Perry said on CBS’ Early Show.  “We’re very focused on the events at hand.  And the other side of that is we’re pretty good about multitasking as well whether its Hurricane Ike or Katrina as we brought a lot of people in from Louisiana back over the years. We can do more than one thing pretty well in the state of Texas.”

A spokesman for Perry said the governor still plans on attending the debate at this time.

Perry left the campaign trail yesterday to attend to the wildfires in Texas, cancelling his appearance at Sen. Jim DeMint’s forum in South Carolina Monday and his planned events in California today.

“We’re pretty good about multitasking, so I’m not too worried about being able to stay in touch with folks from the campaign standpoint and being able to manage what we’ve got here in Texas as well.”

The Texas governor appeared on several morning shows Tuesday to discuss relief efforts following the wildfires spreading across the Lone Star state.

Perry avoided most political questions, saying his attention is solely focused on ensuring the people of the state are protected.    When asked about the existence of his own jobs plan given Mitt Romney and President Obama are releasing plans of their own this week, Perry said there’s still a lot of time on the calendar to lay out a plan of his own but right now he has his eye on his “day job.”

“Well the 50 things that I’m focused on right now are the number of fires in the state of Texas, so there’s plenty of time to lay out ideas about job creation which we do on a regular basis here in the state of Texas,” Perry said on Fox & Friends. “I’m working my day job right now, and I’ll be really honest with you, I’m not paying attention o what the critics may say.  I’m more interested in these people out here.”