Romney Talks Illegal Immigration in Florida

Mitt Romney expanded today on his immigration policy during a speech to the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, criticizing “candidate Obama” for making promises Romney said President Obama failed to keep.

“Our country must do a better job of securing its borders and as president, I will,” said Romney speaking in Tampa, Fla. “That means completing construction of a high-tech fence, and investing in adequate manpower and resources.”

Romney said he would also create a employment verification system that would “get tough on employers who hire illegal immigrants.”

Referring to legislation he enacting while governor in Massachusetts Romney said, “We must stop providing the incentives that promote illegal immigration.  As governor, I vetoed legislation that would have provided in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants and I strengthened the authority our state troopers had to enforce existing immigration laws.”

Romney also referred to the parents of Florida’s Republican Sen. Marco Rubio as an example of the benefits of legal immigration.

Rubio, said Romney, is “one of America’s great leaders.”