Vice President Biden Doesn’t Want to Know the Muffin Man

One day after an inspector general report  revealed that at law enforcement conferences the Justice Department spent nearly $5 per Swedish meatball and $16 for a muffin – a lot of dough – Vice President Biden today called the reports “troubling” and issued a statement noting a new directive from Office of Management and Budget director Jack Lew directing agency heads to “conduct a thorough review of how they are spending taxpayer dollars on conferences.”

Stories about the $16 muffin “reinforce why the President and I launched the Campaign to Cut Waste, a government-wide initiative to reduce spending by making government more effective and more efficient,” the vice president said in a statement. The vice president, who last week told Cabinet heads to be even more aggressive in eliminating waste, said he will reconvene the meeting in December to “ask each and every one of them what they are doing to get on top of conference-related expenses and cut waste in this area and in other parts of their operations.” As a side note, Jack Lew has one squiggly signature .

-Jake Tapper