Vice President Biden: Terror Threat Is ‘Credible’ But ‘No Smoking Gun’

I spoke to Vice President Joe Biden this morning about two big stories – the 9/11 anniversary terror plot and the president’s jobs proposal.

On the terror plot Biden told me that he and the president were briefed on the situation and that they had been planning for this news for months.  He said they have the information from a credible source, but it has not been confirmed yet.

“Four months ago the president told Mr. Brennan to…rundown every lead possible related to 9-11. Remember George, we got some documents out of the bin Laden compound that indicated he was interested in an attack on 9-11 so we’ve been focused on this,” he told me.

“There were specifics and in that sense it is credible, but it is, there is no certitude and…we don’t have the smoking gun. But we do have talk about using a car bomb.”

On the jobs front Biden reiterated President Obama’s call to Congress to pass the American Jobs Act.  The VP said there are no “ideological components” to the legislation and therefore no excuse not to pass it.

“Let’s get moving. Do it,” he said.

Biden believes that if Congress doesn’t pass this legislation it will backfire on them.

“And the American people respond very harshly as they have for playing brinksmanship with paying the national debt, they come back somewhat chastened. So I think with the biggest thing I see George, is it is a different atmosphere than it was in July,” he said.

As for the 2012 presidential politics of the jobs bill, Gov. Perry weighed in saying that Obama is “guided by his mistaken belief that we can spend our way to prosperity.”

Biden responded and said we’re still 14 months away from the election.

“There are people who are hanging on by their fingernails. And for us to play this game, we can fight that out next fall. Fight it out. Say whatever you want about our plan. Right now help these people now. And we can,” he said.

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