Herman Cain Talks Iraq Troop Exit, 999, Pizza

In Southfield, Mich., presidential candidate Herman Cain responded to the Obama administration’s announcement that it would draw down U.S. troops in Iraq to zero by the end of the year.

“Whether or not it’s the right thing to do, I would consult with the commanders. The thing that I wouldn’t do that the president is doing,” said Cain, “is telling the enemy how many troops you gonna bring out and when you gonna bring ‘em out.”

Cain continued, “I believe that our time there was worth it, but I would not have announced this big drawdown, tell the enemy so now they’re going to basically position themselves.”

After his Economy Zone Recovery Plan announcement in Detroit this morning, Cain stopped by Shields’ Pizza in Southfield for a People magazine photo shoot. Shaking hands with customers in the restaurant, many were excited to meet the businessman. Cain signed posters, books, and took photos with supporters.

Cain was confronted by one patron regarding the combination of the state tax and the 999 Plan. The man asserted that under Cain’s plan someone with a $40,000 a year salary in Michigan, would pay $4,200 a year in taxes under 999. After some combative back and forth, Cain intensely argued that the patron’s analysis of his plan was comparing “apples and oranges.”

“Your numbers, now let me explain where you went wrong from the beginning. Apples and oranges. State taxes are apples. We’re replacing the tax code. You don’t mix those two. Apples and oranges! Now your numbers, I can’t respond to the numbers that you went through because I don’t know your assumptions sir. That’s all I’m saying. But don’t mix the state tax with the 999 tax.”

Cain didn’t refuse the opportunity to sample Shields’ Pizza. After some taste testing, Cain said, “These are top quality ingredients, that why it’s good.”

“It’s good y’all!”