Callista Gingrich Spotted at Tiffany

Callista Gingrich was spotted browsing in a Tiffany store in Leesburg Pike, Va.,  over the weekend while her husband, Newt, ordered sparkling wine at a restaurant next door, the Washington Post  reports. With a night off between two weekend Iowa visits, the Gingriches stopped off at a popular local restaurant —  Chef Geoff’s at Tysons Corner. The former House speaker caught a few minutes of Sunday football at the bar as he drank a class of cava while his wife checked out the goods in the high-end jewelry store. 

Last May,  one week after Newt Gingrich announced that he was seeking the GOP presidential nomination, financial disclosure reports revealed that in 2006 Callista Gingrich listed a  revolving charge account at Tiffany and Co.  Charges ranged  between $250,001 to $500,000.  “Well, go talk to Tiffany’s. All I’m telling you is we are very frugal. We, in fact, live within our budget. We owe nothing,” Gingrich told CBS’ “Face The Nation” at the time. “I’m a guy running for president who pays … his bills in after-tax income at no cost to the taxpayer and who currently owes nothing except one rental property in Wisconsin. I am debt-free.”

One month later, it was found the Gingriches had a second line of credit at the store, which at one point listed charges between $500,000 and $1,000,000.  Gingrich spokesman Joe Desantis confirmed that the six-  to seven-figure credit line would be reported on financial disclosure forms, but that as of June, “it has zero balance, and it has been closed.”