Herman Cain Gets Testy at West Alabama Straw Poll

(Bill Wilson/The Anniston Star/AP Photo)

The audience at the West Alabama State Straw Poll in the University of Alabama’s Bryant Conference Center saw a different side of Herman Cain this morning, as instead of his usual punch lines, he took a dig at the crowd.

The group was comprised primarily of supporters of Cain and Texas Rep. Ron Paul, who sent a representative to deliver a speech on his behalf. As Cain began to speak on why he believes, “the country is on life support,” a Paul supporter shouted that the federal reserve was to blame.

“With all due respect I’m going to give this speech today thank you very much,” Cain replied.

“Our biggest domestic issue is not the federal reserve, it’s this economy that’s on life support and we’ve got to do something to get this economy on life support,” Cain continued. “Now since you brought up the federal reserve I’m going to say this real quick. The federal reserve, I do not believe we need to end the fed, we can fix the fed, that’s all I’m going say about that.”

When several other Paul supporters started to boo, Cain said: “Now are you all going to let me do my speech or not? I would, all I’m asking for is the respect for me to give my comments and my speech, that’s all I’m asking. Just be respectful, that’s all. Thank you very much.”

Cain, who was hoarse during his speech, is wrapping up a swing through Alabama. On Friday, his bus tour took him to five stops where he was greeted by large crowds in standing-room-only venues.