McConnell Admonishes Obama to ‘Park the Campaign Bus’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., took to the Senate floor today and had another scathing critique of President Obama’s three-day bus tour while pieces of jobs legislation have slim prospects of a way forward.

“Let’s park the campaign bus, put away the talking points and do something to address the jobs crisis,” McConnell said this morning. “It’s completely preposterous at a time when 14 million Americans are looking for a job in this country for the president to be riding around on a bus, saying we should raise taxes.”

McConnell said Obama’s repeated call to raise taxes is like “the president doing his best Howard Dean impersonation.”

“He’s completely out of touch. Let’s forget about the tax hikes, let’s drop the talking points about millionaires and billionaires, and let’s work together on bipartisan jobs legislation that’s designed to pass, not designed to fail.”

 The minority leader criticized Democrats and the White House  for what he called choreographed “political theater” by pushing for a vote on a piece of the president’s jobs bill that doesn’t have the support in Congress.

Senate Democrats Monday announced the first piece of President Obama’s jobs bill that they will take up: a $35 billion aid package to help state and local governments provide funding for teachers, police officers and firefighters that they say would create or save about 400,000 jobs.  They continue to push that message today and have enlisted Vice President Joe Biden to appear this afternoon on the Hill with firefighters and teachers to frame the importance of the vote, although it is expected to fail in the Senate.

McConnell summed up the order of events, as Republicans see it.

“The president goes on a bus tour to criticize Republicans for voting against the so-called jobs bill,” he said. “Democratic leaders consult with the White House on breaking the same bill into smaller pieces, and how do they break it up? By identifying parts they know Republicans will oppose, then add the tax hike just to make sure. Then another bus tour or a press conference with the president complaining about Republicans again.”