Perry Super PAC To Roll Out TV Ads in Iowa, South Carolina

Make Us Great Again, the super PAC supporting Texas Governor Rick Perry’s presidential bid, will begin airing its first television ads of the campaign cycle in Iowa and South Carolina this week.

A source with Make us Great Again told ABC News the pro-Perry group will spend a combined total of $382,000 in ads in Iowa and South Carolina this week.

The first ad in South Carolina, which is called “Leadership,” will begin running on broadcast and cable Tuesday through Oct. 10 and will air in the Columbia and Greenville-Spartanburg markets with a total of $180,000 spent on TV spots in the Palmetto State.

The bulk of the ad buy will focus on Iowa, where the Perry campaign already has ads of their own airing.   The Make Us Great Again ad, called “Conservative,” will first air in Iowa on Wednesday and run through Oct. 12.

The super PAC will pour $57,000 into ads in Cedar Rapids, $64,000 in Des Moines-Ames, and $29,000 in the Omaha market, which expands into Western Iowa.

The ads released by Make Us Great Again carry a positive tone, explaining Perry’s early career as a tenant farmer and service in the Air Force along with his accomplishments in Texas, balancing the budget, cutting spending, and passing lawsuit reform, which they argue have led to one out come.

“The result – one million new jobs.  Rick Perry. Conservative leadership that works,” a voice-over in the ad reads.

The Perry campaign is forbidden from coordinating with the independent super-PAC, and aides to Perry said they had no knowledge of the advertisements.

Perry has released two ads in Iowa in the past week, both touting his job creation record and his role as “a doer, not a talker.”

ABC News’ Amy Walter contributed to this report.