Perry’s Wife: Tax Cuts Can ‘Shock’ Economy’s ‘Tailspin’

LAS VEGAS — As Gov. Rick Perry is set to unveil a new tax plan next week, Anita Perry shared her support for her husband’s commitment to cut taxes and limit federal regulations with a group of Republican women here Wednesday.

“He has a conservative vision to get America working again. America, America again wouldn’t that be nice to cut taxes for families and employers and shock our economy out of this tailspin, reform entitlement programs so that future generations, so my children, my grandchildren have retirement and healthcare programs they can rely on,” Anita Perry told the Republican Women of Las Vegas at a luncheon at Maggiano’s in Las Vegas.

Anita, who is the mother of two children, insisted that her family is “all in” this race, even joking that the family dogs are supportive of the governor’s run for the presidency.

“When Rick decided to do this, we had no idea it would go down this path in our lives, but I want to tell you that I’m all in with his candidacy. Our children are all in. Our four dogs are all in. Because you know sometimes when nobody else loves you, your dogs do.”

Anita echoed her husband’s argument that he espouses authentic conservative values and will carry that style of governing to the White House.

“With my husband you don’t have to wonder whether the president will be similar to the candidate that you see. He knows who he is and he knows what he believes. He not only campaigns as a conservative. He governs as a conservative.”

Wearing a black sweater over a grey polka dot dress, Anita lauded the strength of Republican women, calling them “strong” and “the backbone of this party.”

Anita has campaigned on behalf of her husband throughout the past week, trekking through South Carolina and New Hampshire before joining him in Nevada for the debate.