Romney Tells Off Reporter

A reporter who kept asking Mitt Romney again and again whether he thought Eric Holder should resign saw a side of the presidential candidate in New Hampshire today that we don’t often see.

Romney got noticeably irritated at the reporter, turning around from people waiting to shake his hand, to confront the reporter.

“Here’s the story. Hold on. I do media avails. And I answer questions that are important questions in the length that I want to do it. But what I don’t do is in a group like this stop and rattle off questions as we walk along because that way you don’t to hear the full answer I’d like to give,” said Romney.

Romney was greeting voters outside Robie’s Country Store in Hookset, NH. Romney’s last press availability was Sept 28.

“I’d be happy to address them at the press avail or the town hall in a bit.”

“But at events like these I don’t take press questions because it doesn’t give you or me a chance to have a discussion of the topic when particularly its an important one”

Romney has the last of three events of today in about an hour.