Scott Brown: “Thank God” Elizabeth Warren Didn’t Pose Nude Like Him

At a debate this week, Elizabeth Warren and other candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown next year, were asked how they paid their way through college. The debate moderator pointed out that Brown, the Republican, famously posed nude for Cosmopolitan in 1982.

“I kept my clothes on. I borrowed money,” Warren said to laughter at the debate, according to the Boston Globe .

Brown, asked about  that debate exchange on WZLX radio this morning. Listen here.

“Have you officially responded to Elizabeth Warren’s comment about how she didn’t take her clothes off?” asked a host.

“Thank God,” said Brown, laughing, later pointing out he didn’t go to Harvard, where Warren is a professor. He said he “went to the school of hard knocks” and that he did whatever he needed to do to pay for school.

Its going to be an interesting race in Massachusetts if Warren gets the nomination.

Watch Scott Brown talk to Barbara Walters in January of 2010 about posing for Cosmo: