Anita Perry Saddened by ‘Finger Pointing’ in Cain Story Aftermath

As the Herman Cain and Rick Perry campaigns bicker over who leaked the sexual harassment allegations against Cain, Texas First Lady Anita Perry told ABC News she was saddened by the “finger pointing” between the two sides and warned it is “not good” for the Republican Party.

“The finger pointing that’s going on with all of this is unfortunate, and it makes me sad,” Mrs. Perry said in a phone interview with ABC News.  “It makes me sad to see this.  It’s not good for our party.  It’s not about what this election is about.”

Mrs. Perry said she was with her husband Sunday night when they first learned of the story.

“We knew nothing about this until we saw it both at the same time on the Internet Sunday night,” Mrs. Perry said.

Cain and his campaign aides tried to pinpoint the leak of the story on Governor Perry and his campaign Wednesday.  Perry has adamantly denied his campaign was the source of the story and shared similar disappointment to that expressed by his wife about the blame game playing out in the aftermath.

“We found out about these allegations at the same time as I suppose everybody else did, read about them online and our campaign had absolutely nothing to do with it,” Perry said in an interview with RedState’s Erick Erickson.  ”You know, I’m disappointed that there’s finger pointing going on. And the sooner we get back to talking about the issues that are important to the people of this country, the better, and that’s how do we get Americans working again.”