Anita Perry Says Obama Has Taxed Ambition Out of American People

Anita Perry, the wife of GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry, was the latest conservative figure to chide President Obama for saying last week that the American people have “lost our ambition.”

During a short speech in Washington, D.C., tonight, Perry said she was “astounded” by the president’s comments.

“Mr. President, if Americans have lost their ambition it’s because you taxed it out of them,” Perry said.

Perry said there was a “significance” to Tuesday’s date being November 1, 2011 or 11-1-11.

“The significance of so many ones is that it is exactly one year and one week until president Obama becomes a one-term president,” Perry said to applause at the fundraiser for the conservative American Spectator magazine.

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was originally slated to headline the event, but backed out two weeks ago.

GOP presidential contender Herman Cain made a surprise appearance at the fundraiser, saying he was “thrilled” to stop by because of the “special nature” of the event, which was held to honor conservative thinker Robert Bartley.

Cain avoided any questions about the recently surfaced allegations that he sexually harassed two women while serving as CEO of the National Restaurant Association, accusations he has denied over the past three days.