Bloomberg Slams Obama for Failed Supercommittee

ABC News’ Mary Bruce and Richard Esposito report:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today said the failure of the supercommittee is a “damning indictment of Washington’s inability to govern” and blamed President Obama in part for the breakdown of the debt talks.

“It’s the chief executive’s job to bring people together and to provide leadership in difficult situations. I don’t see that happening,” Bloomberg said at a news conference. “The failure of the committee will mean that thousands of jobs that would have been created will just go without being created. And thousands of men and women who would have gotten back to work will remain unemployed.”

Bloomberg, who has been rumored as a potential third-party candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, criticized both parties for their lack of action.

“I think it’s a failure, you know people say, who do you blame? The blame is both sides of the aisle and both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue,” he said.

The White House has defended the president’s engagement with the super-committee.

“This committee was established by an act of Congress. It was comprised of members of Congress. Instead of pointing fingers and playing the blame game, Congress should act, fulfill its responsibility,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters Monday.