DNC Ads Lampoons Romney as ‘Two Mitts Willing to Say Anything’

The Democratic National Committee released an ad this morning that describes Mitt Romney as “two men trapped in one body.”

The 30 second ad, titled “Trapped,” will play in six markets, including Albuquerque, Raleigh-Durham, Columbus, Ohio, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, and Milwaukee.

The DNC declined to specify how large of an ad buy this was or how much was spent on the spot.

The DNC accuses Romney of being “Two Mitts willing to say anything,” a reference to his change in stance on abortion.

In an extended version of the ad on the new mittvmitt.com website, the DNC edits together clips from the CNN debate in which Texas Gov Rick Perry suggested that Romney had hired illegal immigrants to do his yard work.

While Romney is heard saying that he’s never hired an illegal immigrant in one frame, the next has him explaining how the company he contracted with had hired illegals without his knowledge. The intricacies of the hiring are not evident in the ad.

Andrea Saul,  spokeswoman for the Romney campaign, said, ”The last thing the White House wants is to have to run against Mitt Romney and be held accountable for the many failures of this administration. So, instead of focusing on the economy and creating jobs, President Obama and Democrats are focused on tearing down Mitt Romney.”