For the First Time, Romney Names Names for VP Slot

BOSTON — Asked tonight about who he might consider to fill the vice presidential spot should he become the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney got more specific than he has in the past, naming New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte as one option for the post.

“I have no names for you, it’s presumptuous, I’m not the nominee,” Romney began, before continuing, “There probably are 15 names of people, including Kelly Ayotte.”

Ayotte, a high profile conservative Republican endorsed Romney over the weekend, and joined Romney for part of an interview that aired tonight on Fox News’ “Hannity.” Ayotte’s endorsement was considered to be a big “get” for Romney in the Granite State.

“We have a deep bench,” Romney said of the pool of Republicans he might call on to fill his ticket. “This year is really exceptional and whoever our nominee is will be able to choose a remarkable, superb person to be the vice presidential contender.”

On the program, Sean Hannity also asked Ayotte whom she might recommend Romney choose for the position.

“I have to say, we have some great people out there, you mentioned Marco Rubio, I think he’d be an excellent choice,” she said. Ayotte also mentioned Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell or New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez.