Romney Blames Obama for Expected Failure of Super Committee

(Michael Dwyer/AP Photo)

NASHUA, N.H. — Mitt Romney today blamed President Barack Obama for the anticipated failure of the supercommittee, accusing Obama of having done “nothing” to help the group come to a consensus on the budget.

“Now we’ve heard today on the morning TV shows, I am not sure if you all got up and listened to the morning TV shows, but they are predicting that the supercommittee that was designed to find a way to cut spending and balance our budget, to find over a trillion dollars over the next 10 years, that that committee is headed for failure,” Romney said.

“It is another example of failed leadership,” he said on the steps of the Nashua City Hall. “He has not taken personal responsibility to get the supercommittee to find ways to balance the budget and cut spending. Instead he set a trap and said we are going to cut military spending by $600 billion over the next 10 years.

“I call on the President of the United States to immediately introduce legislation that restores that cut to our military, we cannot put the United States’ security at jeopardy by virtue of the failure of this committee and the failure of his leadership,” Romney said.

Romney’s remarks came during a rally in Nashua alongside Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., who made her endorsement of Romney official today, remarking that one of the reasons she decided to join his team was because of his performance in the debates.

Romney has been campaigning in New Hampshire since Friday, and has vocalized his need for New Hampshire votes more in these few visits than in past events.

“Let’s make a job creating machine the objective of the next administration,” Romney said today. “I will do it with your help. We’re going to win. We’re going to take this campaign across the country and the voice of New Hampshire is going to be heard across America.”

After the rally, which was attended by about 100 supporters, Romney and Ayotte visited Jackie’s Diner, a nearby restaurant in Nashua. Romney and Ayotte — who remarked that her first job had been as a waitress — handed out BLT sandwiches and soup to patrons.

“They didn’t tell me when I endorsed today that this…” said Ayotte, before trailing off to concentrate on serving soup. “Oh sorry, I don’t want to get soup on anyone.”

Romney, at times balancing a tray of sandwiches above his head, munched on bacon as he served the food.

“Oh this is great,” he said, “Little bacon pieces keep falling out.”

“We’re going to need plates, aren’t we?” said Romney, as Ayotte started passing out plates and napkins. “These are things guys don’t always think of.”

The crowd spilling onto the street, Romney took the food to them.

Asked what by one supporter what his favorite Guns N’ Roses song was, Romney responded, “Umm… I don’t think I can give you a good one.”

“All I can give you is some good food here,” he said.

And then, referring to last night’s “Saturday Night Live” skit that poked fun at Romney for being too boring, Romney indulged in some self-deprecation, “But today this is me just raw and unleashed.”