Romney to DNC: ‘Bring it On’

MIAMI – Reacting for the first time to the negative Democratic National Committee ad released yesterday, Mitt Romney did not seem at all discouraged during a campaign stop in south Florida Tuesday, telling supporters and press, “Bring it on, we’re ready for them.”

The ad, released in six television markets, dubbed Romney as “two Mitts willing to say anything,” accuses Romney – sometimes unfairly by not including full quotes from interviews – on changing his position on issues such as abortion and immigration.

Read more about the DNC ad, which mischaracterizes Romney’s position on the 2009 economic stimulus.

Just last week, Romney released an ad of his own in New Hampshire which also drew criticism for inaccurately portraying a quote of President Obama’s in which he said, “If we keep talking about the economy, we’re going to lose.” The President had been speaking about his then-rival Sen. John McCain and was not suggesting that the topic of the economy should be avoided himself.

Tuesday’s event at a family-run Spanish and Hispanic specialty food warehouse was the first for Romney since the DNC ad was first released. Despite pleas from his staff to not take questions, Romney did not shy away from addressing the spot.

“I don’t know what they’re afraid,” said Romney. “They don’t want to see me as the nominee that’s for sure. It shows that they’re awfully afraid of facing me in the general election they want to throw the primary process to anyone but me.”

“I think it’s quite a compliment that they’ve decided to try to throw our primary to anyone but me,” said Romney. “But you know what I’m in a great position to take on the president – he does not want to face me he doesn’t want to face someone who can talk about the economy and talk about the failure of his record and who can create jobs for America like I can.”

“I’m not surprised they’re going after me,” he added.